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Tapestries that use photo-based media, fabric, text and hand stitching to explore the narrative of how homes are free-market assets, built on land with value fluxuations.

Landmark Takeout
Printed,Stitched Tapestry
81 x 45 cm
Printed,Stitched Tapestry
34 x 38 cm
Printed,Stitched Tapestry
14 x 27 cm
Hello Boys
Printed,Stitched Tapestry
71 x 61 cm
Soft YK
Printed,Stitched Tapestry
94 x 69 cm
Land Assemblies on the Cambie Street corridor in Vancouver have transformed the Queen Elizabeth Park neighbourhood Vancouver.Land Assemblies have become common in Vancouver as a way of SFH being bought up en masse to make way for luxury condo developments
photo transfer, photo litho print on fabric, hand stitching
48 x 41cm