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From a series of photo walks to the #RiverDistrict development in South-Vancouver:
I began to address the settler history of this place. From unceded territories of the Musqueum People, Vancouver zones this land along the Fraser River for commercial development.
The Show Suite was staffed by a hostess who welcomed us into the pre-fab residence, where we could imagine it as our home.
The housing crisis in Vancouver and my own family's eviction from our rented home, has informed the content of my work.
Land ownership is a colonial concept that I have taken for granted.
This zine addresses the idea of settlers being visitors to this place and identifies basic human needs.
20 copies of the zine were left in the developer's show suite.
Copies are available upon request.

Zine Produced as part of Collective (There Will Be a Time)
The Basics
18 x 13 cm